Covid-19 Protection


During these difficult times, we are focusing on enhancing our hygiene product supply and to produce sustainable long term personal care products that can help you and the people around you to better stay protected.



Sustainable Solutions

Element are supplying sustainable reusable protection masks to help build confidence for those arrange you. These masks are made from; polyester, cotton or recycled OceanBalance fabrics. We provide unbeatable pricing for branded masks where we can work together to customise your masks, whether this includes custom artwork, company logo or icons.

Hygiene Products

Protect your staff and your customers with CE certified Face Masks and Gloves. Easy to use and comfortable, these hygiene product can protect your team and giving your clients confidence they need.

Exceeding industry standards with greater than ≥99% Bacteria Filtration and ≥99% Particle Filtration on our Type II and Type IIR Face Masks.

"If we can use a face covering that may reduce the probability of transmitting onwards. We're recommending that people use a face covering on their nose or mouth when they have close contact which they cannot avoid in a closed space."

Boris Johnson

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