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Does the Colour and Type of Food Packaging Matter to Consumers?

DWhen consumers buy food to eat on the go or take it back to the place of work to enjoy, the focus would be and rightly so, on the type, quality and taste of the food. But do they look at the packaging? Is packaging important?


Packaging can be important, especially if there is a need to reheat the food or eat it standing and hence need it to be durable and heat resistant; and not to forget the bugaboo about its disposal – the how and consequences.

Packaging is almost an art in itself. It not only provides information (some of which are required by law), especially on nutrition; protects and preserves the product but is increasingly used to advertise and drive sales; and is now an avenue for companies to drive sustainability too.

Packaging materials include plastics, glass, ceramic, metal and paper, with plastics being the most commonly used and producing humongous environmental problems.

What do consumers look for in food packaging?

  • Good quality – durable, does not leak, heat resistant and reused?
  • Sustainable packaging The future of packaging lies in ‘green’ packaging using natural and/or recycled materials as customers are placing important value on eco-friendly packaging to feel guilt-free about their purchases. The green packaging market is expected to grow steadily right through to 2021. Environmentally friendly packaging includes reusable packaging, recyclable packaging and biodegradable packaging. It is important to inform your customers about your smarter packaging and to help them dispose of it responsibly.
  • Bespoke packaging with attractive designs style and colours that attracts. Hues and colours can suits needs and influence tastes and appetites. Colours and designs affect and influence usage as we look before we eat and our eyes send signals to our brain well before we taste the food.  Colours will set your packaging apart from your competitors and send the right messages to your customer to buy your product.

Element which is made from Origo (a starch based bio-plastic made of corn and yam), is 100% biodegradable and yet competitively priced.  The end product is a non-toxic waste for fertilizers, emission of non-toxic gases and a reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide by 68% when incinerated.  It is durable, leak proof, can withstand temperatures between -20°C to 120°Cand hence microwaveable and freezable, and acid and alkali resistant. It comes in a range of twelve vibrant and fashionable colours to suit all needs and occasions. 


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