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Environ - mental Bites!


What’s your take?

  1. Electric cars –our green road saviours!

Tailpipe emission

The answer to the high carbon footprint causing gasoline fueled cars. But are they? Especially when the electricity on which they run is powered by coal plants!   No doubt the pollution emission during the car operation may be less than gasoline fueled car, but what is the source of electricity that is powering these cars.


  1. You could be harming the environment being a vegetarian!


Some vegetables produce more green gas emissions than meat. For example eggplant, celery and cucumbers are real culprits when compared to pork or chicken and lettuce produces three times more gas emissions than bacon!


  1. Is nuclear energy production on its way down? 


Radiation exposure has killed more American lives than the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and according to safety specialist there is a 50% chance of another Chernobyl occurring by 2050. With increasing renewable energy sources, it might seem that nuclear power plants will gradually shutdown.But are we ready to bite the radioactive bullet?


  1. Pollution is indeed a global issue –whether one is seeking its cause or solution!

The Chinese in their smog ridden city get relief from bottled fresh air imported all the way from Canada, but in return export their air pollution to California!

Vitality_Air _in_China


  1. Can coal ever be clean?


Coal provides 40% of our energy requirements. Environmentalists highlight that it produces almost 40% of the global CO2 emissions and kills thousands in the mines and by polluting the air. Advocates of the ‘clean coal’ say it can be done by using the coal to make hydrogen from water and getting rid of the resulting carbon dioxide by-products in a safe way.






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