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  • October 19, 2020

    The Pandemic and our Planet – is there a silver lining?

    The Pandemic and our Planet – is there a silver lining?

    When most of us around the world went into lockdown early this year to combat the rising Covid-19 cases, what did the experience teach us? The pandemic has brought out the best in many of us. Is it possible that even as we examine our relationship with each other, we can extend this concern to our planet and become better stewards of it?

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  • April 24, 2020

    Climate Action 2020

    Climate change was one of the top three environmental issues  facing Britons in 2019, our hottest decade and Climate Action is the theme for Earth Day 2020.  A study in 2013 found that 97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is occurring and greenhouse gas emissions are the main cause.  And suddenly, we have clearer skies and reduced carbon emissions  because of the global lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  • March 26, 2020

    COVID-19 Being Socially Responsible

    We are faced with a new virus COVID-19 that affects the lungs and airways, our very lifeline!  This is the time to learn and know what belonging to a community is. All of us are in this battlefield and victory will only come if all of us without exception do our part. It is a global pandemic and each of us, each family, each community, and each country needs to do its part to stop the pandemic. Coronavirus knows no borders or ethnicity. We are so connected that if any of the stakeholders let up, the pandemic will not stop. Globally there are now almost 500,000 cases and more than 22,000 deaths. In the UK we now almost 10,000 cases and 477 deaths. 

    This blog is meant to collate all the salient facts that have been disseminated so far about this health crisis.

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